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Achieve your most ambitious revenue goals this year

Learn how to build highly targeted lead lists, write perfect email templates, and close more customers.



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This is an online course designed to help you grow your revenue without expensive consultants or big budgets 

Up Up Grow is an online course and program devoted to teaching founders, and salespeople how to take growth into their own hands. I don't think companies should have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to consultants and agencies that promise big results, and achieve very little. That's why I started Up Up Grow. My goal is to teach people how to double their revenue in weeks by applying simple techniques and practices. 


Learn how to use email automation, scrape the web, and hire virtual assistants

I'll also show you how to hire virtual assistants for $3 / hr and and scrape websites like LinkedIn, AngelList, and Twitter. By the end of the course you'll have a virtual assistant on speed dial and software doing your job for you while you sleep.

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Learn how to write email templates that get opened (and sound human)

I'll teach you how to write emails that your prospects can't resist opening. In the course we'll go over behavorial data targeting and how to A/B test each campaign for the best possible open and reply rate.  




Learn predictive analytics to reach your prospects at the perfect time

Using predictive analytics I'll show you how to lower your customer acquisition cost to less than $100 and reduce your sales cycle length to 7-14 days.

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Learn how to set up a custom campaign dashboard

I'll teach you how to build a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard using Google Sheets and your email automation software of choice (Mailchimp, PersistIQ, etc), 

Each student will also receive a copy of the Google Sheet dashboard that I used to grow my revenue to $25,000 in less than 6 months. Included in that are all the metrics that I find useful to measure on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.  


Learn on your time, on your favorite devices.


I will begin recording lectures in late January. Once a week I will host a lecture and discussion. All of these lectures will be uploaded so that students can watch them on-demand. After each lecture there will be a set of course readings that will be optional. In each lecture I'll teach you a new skill that you can use that day to grow revenue. I'll suggest projects to hone your skills. And using a Slack channel we'll all discuss our results.

About the instructor

Hi there! My name is Michael Thomas. I'm an entrepreneur and growth enthusiast. As the Head of Sales Development at Highfive (backed by a16z and Google Ventures) I generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in my first two quarters.

After building one of the most successful growth programs at Highfive I went on to found SimpleData. In my first 6 months I grew revenue from $0 to $25,000 / mo. Then I hired a team and ran it passively for all of 2016 (traveling around the globe all the while). 


Here are a couple companies I've helped grow



This course is launching in January 2017

Buy now and get the early bird price of $95 (60% off the original $250 price). If you're not 100% satisfied with the course, I'll refund the entire purchase.


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