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What is Up Up Grow? 

Up Up Grow is an online course and program devoted to teaching founders, and salespeople how to take growth into their own hands. I've seen too many companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to consultants and agencies that promise big results, and achieve very little. That's why I started Up Up Grow. My goal is to teach people how to double their revenue in weeks by applying simple techniques and practices. 

Who should take this course?

If you're a founder, or the person tasked with growing sales qualified leads (SQLs), and revenue this course is right for you. This course is designed for people who understand the basics of business, but want to learn more about cold email (sales development), outsourcing, automation, prospecting, web scraping, and email marketing analytics. 

What you'll learn in this course


Week One

How to build a (data-driven) ideal customer profile

In this module I'll teach you why your ideal customer profile is the lowest hanging fruit on your tree of growth opportunities. I'll also cover the difference between a demographic profile and a behavorial profile (and when to use the right one). We'll go over successful examples of profiles and I'll teach you how to build your own. Then I'll show you how to use Clearbit to enrich your existing customer data to make your ideal customer profile data-driven. 

Outcome: An ideal customer profile that should increase your conversion rates immediately (as much as 2-3x). 

Length: 2 hours + discussion and Q&A

Week Two

How to build massive lead lists that convert

In this module I'll teach you how to leverage overseas virtual assistants (VAs) and popular software products like Clearbit, BuiltWith, and LinkedIn to build highly targeted lead lists. The goal of this module is to save you time and increase the amount of leads you can email every week. Many of the companies I've worked with in the past have seen leads targeted go from hundreds per month to thousands, all while they increased conversions. 

Outcome: A repeatable prospecting process and outsourcing techniques that will net your sales team thousands of leads per month. 

Length: 2 hours + discussion and Q&A

Week Three

How to write email templates (and subject lines) that convert

In this module I'll teach you how to interview your prospects and customers so that they write your email templates for you. I'll also share some of the best practices that I've seen and provide real examples. We'll go over benchmarks and conversion rates that you should aim for. My goal is to teach you how to write emails that prospects can't help but respond to. Many of my email templates have received open rates as high as 80% and response rates as high as 40%. 

Outcome: Email templates that you can use to start converting cold leads into appointments / demos (and eventually customers). 

Length: 1.5 hours + discussion and Q&A

Week Four 

How to automate and systematize your entire email channel

In my experience the most effect way to decrease CAC and increase conversions is by cutting what I call "non-revenue generating" time from your day. In this module I'll teach you how to leverage overseas VAs throughout your entire sales and marketing process. I'll share tips on how to write concise documentation, how to find VAs, and how to train them for success. I'll also show you the tools that can save you or your sales team hours per day. 

Outcome: A set of documentation that you can use to train VAs and stop wasting valuable time

Length: 1 hour + discussion and Q&A

Week Five 

How to measure your cold email program and optimize metrics every week

The great management thinker Peter Drucker once said, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." In this module I'll teach you how to build a dashboard that you can use to measure your cold email program on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Then I'll teach you how to prioritize which metrics to focus on improving and give you benchmarks to compare against. The goal of this module is to teach you how to constantly improve your conversion rates. 

Outcome: A cold email dashboard and testing framework you can use to grow revenue every week. 

Length: 1.5 hours + discussion and Q&A

About the instructor

Hi there! My name is Michael Thomas. I'm an entrepreneur and growth enthusiast. As the Head of Sales Development at Highfive (backed by a16z and Google Ventures) I generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in my first two quarters.

After building one of the most successful growth programs at Highfive I went on to found SimpleData. In my first 6 months I grew revenue from $0 to $25,000 / mo. Then I hired a team and ran it passively for all of 2016 (traveling around the globe all the while). 


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